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Solar energy at the B Street Cruise Ship Terminal

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Solar energy at the B Street Cruise Ship Terminal is good to go

With a $341,000 solar energy system, the B Street Cruise Ship Terminal will be up and running in no time, as this solar energy system will provide 70 percent of the total amount of power needed at the terminal in the Port of San Diego.


San Diego’s primary docking facility for cruise ships will receive the amount of power equivalent to the one 20 homes would need, but this will be done in a eco-friendly way, reducing greenhouse gas emissions annually by 187 metric tons, a great step in the right direction.


Electricity production constitutes approximately 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and the commitment that San Diego has towards the environment stands strong with this kind of technology, leaving fossil fuel aside when we can find the chance.


“The Port of San Diego demonstrates its commitment to smart technology and clean power with this installation of a photovoltaic system at our main cruise ship terminal, in addition to three other port facilities,” Board of Port Commissioners Chairman Marshall Merrifield mentioned. “This Port Environmental Fund improvement project is being completed just as we celebrate growth in our cruise business, with an increase in calls of about 50 percent projected from this season to next.”


There are only three other solar energy systems in ports, and the one in the B Street Cruise Ship Terminal has 630 panels, making it the most powerful, and it is expected to provide twice as much power as the other three solar systems combined.


This is one of the many ways San Diego has shown its commitment to the environment. San Diego’s beauty could be helping people be aware of the many wonders that we have to protect, and this is just one of the many steps we will take.



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