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Design in business

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Design in business cannot be overrated

Think of your favorite brand. If you did, you probably envisioned a logo or a specific line of products, colors or shapes. That’s due to the importance of design in business, it creates empires and keeps small businesses that way if they don’t use design in business.


Using design in business has always been important, but in today’s market it has become essential. Nowadays we can reach a great number of people with a simple Facebook post, creating huge opportunities for big and small business alike, but first you must understand the importance of design in business.


Design in business is more than just creating a beautiful logo and bright colors. It’s about creating something that customers can relate to and identify no matter the context, creating an identity that makes you the go-to-choice in your field.


design in business


Understanding the consumer
First you must get to know your audience. Your customers get familiarized your brand. They need to be able to recognize you and feel part of it, and the first thing they will notice is the general idea you transmit through the way you use design in business. That’s why your logo, color palette, and even wording have to have the same tones and identity in general.


Simple and clean is better
Take a quick look around and appreciate the brands you use. Most of them use a simple logo or image that represents them, not too many colors, a simple font, but that’s the key. Make your business stand out and make it easy to be recognized by keeping it simple.


Making it simple doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Quite the opposite, being creative while maintaining a clean image is the challenge to conquer; too many colors and words will lose your audience’s interest before they can interact with you.


Customers pay more for design
Design in business has to do with your image, logos and everything that creates and defines your brand and products, but there is more to it. Creating products with an attractive design is a great way to create customer loyalty and interest, and most of the customers are willing to pay extra for a product just because of the design. Making design in business is an investment that can improve sales and help a brand succeed.


The need for design is constant. You should always be thinking ahead, and creating things and presentations that have never been seen before. In many cases design is the factor that leads a company into success, and if it is so, that’s why we should devote a great deal of our efforts and resources into not only making us look god, but in creating an experience out of our services and products, relying on the best brands that accommodate our needs for workspaces, products, and staff, expanding our business with the identity we want to reflect with the help of our allies, creating the best design and image for our businesses.



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